Université Mohamed Khider, Biskra: BP 145 RP, 07000 Biskra, Algérie

Tel:+213 33 54 32 55 Fax:+213 33 54 32 82

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Pr MELLAS Mekki is a lecturer at the department of civil engineering and hydraulics , University of Biskra. Since April 2009, he is the dean of the faculty of sciences and technology , University of Biskra. During the period 1999-2009, he was the head of the department of civil engineering, university of Biskra . He graduated in civil engineering from the National Polytechnics school (ENP), Algiers (1984). He received his master of Philosophy degree from the department of civil engineering, University of Birmingham, UK, (1984-1987), and received his doctorate in civil engineering from the university of Biskra (2003). His main research topics focus on materials sciences, concrete, microstructure of cement, simulation in soils mechanics. He is the head of a research team “géomecanique et ouvrages” , laboratory of research in civil engineering (LRGC), university of Biskra. He organized several national and international conferences. He is a member of the editorial board and reviewer of several journals