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In Biskra, the first class of students in architecture began their university studies during the 1985-86 academic year at the National Institute of Higher Education (INES) of Architecture. This institute will be part of the University Center of Biskra created in July 1992 (Executive Decree No. 295/92 of 07/07/1992). The Department of Architecture will be created in 1998 following the creation of the University of Biskra (Executive Decree No. 219/98 of 07/07/1998). A few years later, the department will first be a constituent of the Faculty of Sciences and Sciences of the Engineer and then that of Sciences and Technology of the University Mohamed KHIDER.

The LMD system is applied to the architecture department from the academic year 2008-2009 while retaining the teaching in classical system. The latter has not been renewed since the year (2010-2011). Graduate studies (Master and Doctorate LMD) in architecture are awarded to the Biskra Department of Architecture.

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